Clara Andermatt



Life is a mediation of the dream; Desires that materialise are born of the imagination… In this piece we make a dynamic choreographic object, a true mimesis of the thought processes.
From spontaneity, from pure improvised reaction, we abstract an entire universe of vast possibilities.
The possible is much richer than the real!
The work is based on improvisation that seeks to extract from each person the choreographic material that forms the content of the piece.
The improvisation is structured, it aims to awaken in the performers the logic of movement, of time, of the rhythms of thought, the relationship between body and object, subject and sound.
In a space without references, white; a stripped back space, where everything that inhabits it is amplified and cut out, just as these performers deserve, just as we aim to show them.
Objects are starting points, bridges to another infinity.
A Mirror; A fractal metaphor for internal self-projection.
A suitcase that doesn’t exist; A metonym for the invisible.
Paradox; choreographic methodology.
As the concrete is permeated by the intangible, by the imaginary, it comes back to the real, in a movement that adds a new meaning, a GREATER reality.
The fundamental thing is to reveal to the conscience of the microcosms the infinite world it contains.

Por dentro da Companhia Maior,
(sob a batuta de quem a dirige)


Que em cada passo…
num simples gesto…
até no só meditar…
o sangue volta a ferver
sem medida nem idade.

– Somos a entrega
– A luta feliz
– A vida até além

O sopro das luzes do palco dirá que, afinal!…

Todos nós somos a inspiração da terceira Juventude!

Luna Andermatt
Nov. 2011


Direction and choreography
Clara Andermatt

Ana Diaz, Carlos Nery, Cristina Gonçalves, Diana Coelho, Elisa Worm, Helena Marchand, Isabel Millet, Isabel Simões, Iva Delgado, Jorge Falé, Júlia Guerra, Kimberley Ribeiro, Manuela De Sousa Rama, Michel, Paula Bárcia, Vítor Lopes

With the special participation of
Luna Andermatt

Original music
Vítor Rua
Iva Delgado
António Duarte
Set designer
Artur Pinheiro
Costume designer
Aleksandar Protic
Lighting designer
Wilma Moutinho
Choreography assistant
Cláudia Gaiolas
Madalena Brak-Lamy

Centro Cultural de Belém
Companhia Maior

Executive production
Companhia Maior
Producer from Companhia Maior
Luís Moreira
Executive production support
Companhia Clara Andermatt
(Alexandra Sabino / José Madeira)


Companhia Olga Roriz
Jonas Runa
Iva Delgado
António Duarte
Estúdio Dim Sum
Teresa Lima
Nuno Cabral
António Oliveira
Vitor Rua
António Pedrosa
Celeste Melo
Fernanda Rodrigues
Júlia Guerra


8 – 11 December 2011
Centro Cultural de Belém


21 and 22 January 2012
Teatro Municipal de Almada

26 April 2012
Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente

28 April 2012
Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras

19 May 2012
Teatro Aveirense

Photos: © Bruno Simão

© Companhia Maior