Mónica Calle



A small, poor, defenceless, but extraordinary story of an individual human life.
This individual human life contains: truth, holiness and greatness. We need to save it from oblivion and destruction, even with the awareness of failure.
There is something definitive, something that appears before THE END. A suspicion of an ultimate and childish narcissism? The game that is waged is much more serious, grave and dangerous. 
On the stage, we make the most risky and desperate manoeuvre of our lives. We believe in this. We must get to the end of the road. We must reach the bottom because only the shout from the very bottom can be heard. There, at the bottom, perhaps we can understand each other.
Iluminações (Illuminations) strips bare that which is most secret in the life of an individual, that which contains the supreme value, that which in the eyes of the world might seem ridiculous, mean, poor. Bringing this poverty to the light of day, so that it can flourish. And prevail.
I will die and I’ll never confess to being old.


Adaptation, direction, scenography, costume design Mónica Calle

Ana Díaz, António Pedrosa, Carlos Nery, Celeste Melo,Cristina Gonçalves, Diana Coelho, Elisa Worm, Helena Marchand, Isabel Millet, Isabel Simões, Iva Delgado ,Jorge Falé, Júlia Guerra, Kimberley Ribeiro, Luna Andermatt, Manuela de Sousa Rama, Michel, Paula Bárcia, Vítor Lopes, Mónica Calle

Lighting designer
José Álvaro Correia
Staging assistant
Alexandra Gaspar
Direction assistants
Rute Cardoso and Mónica Garnel
Assistant costume designer
Isabel Boavida
Bruno Simão
Patrícia Saramago

Centro Cultural de Belém
Companhia Maior

Executive Production
Companhia Maior
Producer from Companhia Maior
Luís Moreira

Based on texts by several authors, and on “Não esquecerás”,”Retrato de um jovem poeta” and other texts by Dulce Maria Cardoso



3 – 6 November 2012
Centro Cultural de Belém




Photos: © Bruno Simão

© Companhia Maior