Ana Borralho and João Galante

Estalo Novo

New Snap

Based on an initial idea by the duo Ana Borralho – João Galante, about forms of disobedience, later transformed into a small survey by Rui Catalão given to the Companhia Maior cast, Estalo Novo (New Snap) is a collaborative project in which these ideas generate personal testimonies, which in turn generate materials with which to work as a group. Making the most of the experiences of people who lived and worked through the context of the Estado Novo dictatorship, as well as the revolution of April 1974 and the resulting democratic stabilisation, the aim of this work is to reflect on the history of a country, the stories of the bodies that live in it and the regime in which we currently live. Estalo Novo, the play that resulted from this process, is a war of words that bear witness to great and small wars, some public, others private, some collective and others still individual. They all fight for their legacy of histories, of testimonies. They all fight to make their voices heard. The past builds what we are in the present. It is a to-and-fro of disputed histories. Each performer moves to centre-stage and starts to speak without asking permission. Their words drown out the word of the person who stood there before, and in turn are drowned out by the speech of the person who follows.


Concept, art direction and scenography
Ana Borralho & João Galante

Carlos Nery, Carlos Fernandes, Cristina Gonçalves, Diana Coelho, Elisa Worm, Helena Marchand, Isabel Millet, Isabel Simões, Iva Delgado, Jorge Falé, Júlia Guerra, Kimberley Ribeiro, Lúcia Marta, Michel, Paula Bárcia, Vítor Lopes

Dramaturgy assistant
Rui Catalão
Lighting designer
Thomas Walgrave
Original soundtrack
Pedro Augusto (a.k.a. Ghuna X)
Rehearsal assistants
Catarina Gonçalves and Tiago Gandra
Art collaboration
Fernando Ribeiro
Bruno Simão
Patrícia Saramago
Executive production
Companhia Maior
Producer from Companhia Maior
Luís Moreira


LAC – Laboratório de Atividades Criativas
Mónica Samões



28 – 30 November 2013
1 December 2013
Centro Cultural de Belém


7 December 2014
MA scène nationale
Montbéliard, France

Photos: © Bruno Simão

© Companhia Maior